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Zombie Lee has an outrageous hunger that won’t be silenced by food alone. With his growing need to feed increasing, misjudgment and disaster arise in the kitchen, until a simple solution is found. And his rumbling is quenched. 

‘Munchies’ is a stop motion animation, which depicts the struggles of a hungry zombie who is trying to cook a meal. I wanted to convey the idea that the hungrier you are the harder it is to concentrate and the easier it is to mess up. I aimed for my film to be humorous, but also a little unnerving to the viewer. I have included a couple of uncanny moments to remind the audience that he is dead but still human at times.

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Student film made, designed and animated by Sinead Stoddart 

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Regional Filmmakers Award
Southampton Film Week

I was awarded the Regional Filmmakers Award at Southampton Film Week 2016

The Michael Fuller Award
Southampton Film Week

Munchies has won the Michael Fuller Award at Southampton Film Week 2016


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Univeristy Student Film started January 2016 - finished May 2016

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Total votes: 1565