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The Monster in Me


“The Monster in Me”

1-hour TV drama pilot.  

A renegade daughter collides with her mother’s enterprise, which trains brainwashed orphans into killing machines hell-bent on doing anything to protect their boss.


BLAZE is a hitman, specialized in pedophiles, who bumps into VAN and an orphanage, which, run by ALBERTA, trains teenagers to become the next generation pro-assassins. Blaze accepts an assignment to return PEARL, whom her father stole from her mother, ORALIE and ignores THE GUILD’s invitation to a tournament of the best hitmen on the DARK WEB.

Blaze’s hunt almost sends Blaze to the cemetery when she confronts the father’s bodyguard. Oralie demands from Blaze to get her daughter ASAP and offers her extra payment. Blaze joins the orphanage as a trainer, unaware that Van hunts the homeless, from which the orphanage pillages organs and sells them on the black market. Blaze finds her target and takes out the bodyguard, Van intervenes, almost knocks out Blaze, who overpowers Van.

DEADFALL, The Guild’s number one hitman, blackmails Blaze with Blaze’s daughter to join their hunt. Out of options, Blaze asks Alberta, her mother, to protect her daughter, which Alberta accepts, happy she now got her daughter, granddaughter, and as a bonus ex-husband, who lies trapped in the orphanage, ready to donate his organs unwillingly.

Written by: Zvonko Leskovar,

Information for the Audience: 

Writer: Zvonko Leskovar

Directed by: Lance Kawas

Directed by: 
Lance Kawas
Writing credits: 
Zvonko Leskovar
Total votes: 835

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