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The film“Monsoon” derives its title from the word “Mausam” which means seasons. The film ponders on the divinity of seasons, the psyche of humans versus legends of Gods and questions the sheer nature of human greed that runs mysteriously beyond everything. It uses a ritualistic practice - “Theyyam” to anchor the story around it. Southwest Monsoon is known for its fury and nurturing glory. It arrives at the southern tip of India, in Kerala every June without fail. It feeds more than 70% of the population in India and region around. The scorching summer that precedes it would have already destroyed the spirit of humans and the earth. Every summer brings its share of farmer suicides & despair. Come April-May every year, people start the wait. They pray. They visit temples. They wait. They wait for that rumble in the skies… It’s like one waiting for a miracle. Waiting for good times. Rain here is the symbolism of creation and destruction. Like a parched land that waits for a drop of water to sustain life anywhere in the world. Monsoon and India are metaphors of civilisations. All civilisation has its philosophies rooted in miracles. Miracles of luck, prosperity, prophets and beyond… And to a lot of them rain is a miracle. For it can be a great leveller - Creator and destroyer. Indian mythology gives great insights into this power - the Shakti - equated with Lord Shiva and Parvati. Lord Shiva is the epitome of destruction and creation sitting up there in the Himalayas with his third eye shut. This is an allegory to Mother Nature. The film follows the prophetic journey of Lord Shivas avtaar ‘Vettakkorumakan’ on his descent from heavens to earth with the theme of monsoon running in parallel. He descends all the way into earth, just like the first drop of rain touching down earth. And he stayed on Earth forever with a vow that he will be the harbinger of protection and good times. There is even a prehistoric ritual called “Theyyam” devoted to tell the story of his journey. Theyyam is a ritual dance form that dates back to Neolithic era. It is a very complicated art practiced in Kerala where the mortals become the immortals for sometime. The performer transforms into the avatar of a deity/God and it is said that as he enters that state of trance, he can do things that no human can possibly do. He becomes the messenger of the deity/God. This is practiced till today. Uncorrupted. The film “Monsoon” explores a divine journey through the juxtaposition of a “Theyyam” with the monsoons. It’s a story of these prophetic parallels that layers the themes of mythology, survival, every living things, nature and humans who yearn to become Gods... And a reminder that earth doesn’t belong to ‘just us’...

Screenings / Awards: 

Winner - Popular Award, 69th Montecatini International Film Festival, Italy, 2018
Official Selection - International Film Festival of Malaysia, 2018

Directed by: 
Sajeed A
Writing credits: 
Sajeed A
Produced by:
Music by: 
Music by - Reul Benedict Sound Design by - Academy Award Winner Resul Pookutty
Cinematography by: 
Hari K Vedantam
Film Editing by: 
Sajeed A
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Total votes: 466