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Installation of movie-like art.
Through communicating topics modern society are expressed by a positive irony.

Omnibus of 4 themes

at New Caledonia, London, Singapore, Hiroshima and Tokyo.
New Caledonia boys, an Argentine, an Indian, an African and several Japanese participate.

SNS and homosexuality. Two big topics which are 2010 's both. However developed will those be in the future from now on?

1-A Conversation of SNS is sometimes broken off, but if I meet actually, talk expands.
1-B The acquaintance who sets a SNS diary for 50 years and commits suicide

2-A A Caucasian in London, a Singaporean Asian, Chiba's Indian, a black people in Tokyo and they see the same painter's painting and enter the painter's world at the same time.

2-B Kafka, Celine, Paul Auster, Fitzgerald, Borges, Garcia Marques and Yukio Mishima are the world best-seller author.
Two men who read those actually create art by impressions of those novels and show it each other.

3-A Thank you for ex-girlfriends.
3-B While ink is being rubbed, the meaning of the destiny is written by several languages.

Identity of the homosexuals who stop population growth and maintain global nature.

I want people to bear a child. But when the mankind ends, the beautiful earth is revived.

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Largometraje Internacional / Feature -Length

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Mononykus Crest

Isa Roche (Japón)

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