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Mixed Feelings


A heartwarming portrait about cultural resistance. Amir Orian achieved everything an artist could dream of. He was a promising actor at Israel’s Habima National Theater and a TV and film star. No theater would accept Amir's defying criticism of Israeli society so he establishes his own theater and acting school, “The Room Theater”,  in his own house, where he grew up in. On the day the new group of acting students arrives to see a new provocative piece, Israel starts a massive attack on Gaza. This leads to a painful clash between the patriotic students and their controversial acting teacher. Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner, director Guy Davidi, created a staggering film that captures the ongoing collapse of Israel’s civil society through a sincere portrait of an artist, who believes in the power of art to create change.

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Guy Davidi

Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Award Winner Guy Davidi has been directing, shooting, and editing since the age of sixteen. His documentaries have been screened in dozens of Film Festivals, venues, cinemas, and TV channels. His short films include titles such as "In Working Progress" (2006), "Women Defying Barriers” (2009) and "High Hopes" (2014), which features music by Pink Floyd. In 2010 he released his first feature documentary  "Interrupted Streams" (2010). His second feature "5 Broken Cameras" (2012) was directed with Palestinian co-director Emad burnat. The film had an exemplary international success. It was nominated to the Oscar 2013 in the Best Documentary section and has won the 2013 International Emmy Award for Best Documentary. Davidi won the prize for Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival as well as the Audience and Jury awards at IDFA in Amsterdam and the Best Documentary in Cinema Eye Honors. In addition, it won awards in more than 40 film festivals worldwide, it was sold to numerous TV stations and commercially distributed in theaters across Europe, Asia and North America.


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Film Festivals:

Epos Film Festival (Tel-Aviv) - Best Documentary Award (2016)

Bergen International Film Festival

New Orleans Film Festival

Montreal International Film Festival (RIDM)

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Screening Format: DCP, Color. 1.78. (16:9)

Directed by: 
Guy Davidi
Writing credits: 
Guy Davidi
Amir Orian
Produced by: 
Producers: Anna Somershaf & Guy Davidi Production Company: Guy DVD Films Co Producer: Kristian Mosvold Co production Company : Oya Film
Music by: 
Noa Kornberg
Cinematography by: 
Guy Davidi
Film Editing by: 
Ruben Korenfeld, Yoav Gershon, Guy Davidi.
Release Date: 
Friday, April 1, 2016
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