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Mind Games



Information for the Audience: 

Army psychologist Tara Mays (Jet Jandreau) is held captive by a mysterious adversary (Robert LaSardo) and must find her way out of an abandoned RV in the middle of nowhere to survive,  with only the help of a voice transmitting over an old-fashioned radio (Michael Milhoan).  Mentored by Colonal Reeder (Michael Pare), she interviews former Army convicts (Jim Fitzpatrick) in order to piece the puzzle togther of who held her captive, and why.  Through tension with her husband (Jadon Cal) and traumatic experiences, Tara must uncover the truth of her own traumatic experience through both interrogations and introspection of the self.  Mind Games is a unique psychological thriller that examines the mystery behind PTSD and the human existence.

MIND GAMES is an original film directed by Jake Jalbert and produced by Jadon Cal, Brian Jalbert & Jake Jalbert.  Written by Bruce Durbin and Jadon Cal.

Screenings / Awards: 

Mind Games Cast & Crew Premier, Studio Movie Grill, Seminole Florida

Will be released on Amazon Prime June 30th, 2021.  

Additional platforms TBD.

Directed by: 
Jake Jalbert
Writing credits: 
Bruce W. Durbin & Jadon Cal
Michael Paré Robert LaSardo Michael Milhoan Jet Jandreau Jadon Cal Brian Jalbert Serena Laurel Jim Fitzpatrick Jodi Knotts Wade Hunt Williams Mark A. Baum Shaila Velazquez Stephen Corry Ryan Regus
Produced by: 
Jake Jalbert, Jadon Cal, Brian Jalbert
Music by: 
Dave Valez
Cinematography by: 
Jake Jalbert
Film Editing by: 
Jake Jalbert & Jadon Cal
Casting by: 
Jake Jalbert
Production Design by: 
Jake Jalbert
Art Direction by: 
Jake Jalbert
Set Decoration by: 
Jake Jalbert
Costume Design by: 
Crystal Lockinour
Makeup Department: 
Brooke Kulick
Production Management: 
Shiela Velazquez
Other crew: 
Melissa Dolatowski Amos Jodi Knotts Josh Russell
Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Official sites:
Total votes: 208

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