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The Messenger


Doctor is a psychiastrist with psychic ability, but these days he was awaken by strange voices in languages he does not know.  When he finally found out the group of souls contacting him.  He realized that he had to delievered the messages to their love ones.  

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Information for the Audience: 

When Shihyun made her first documentary film and started a youtube channel in July 2015, she had no training, no experience and no idea on how to make a movie. But because she has many stories to tell, she did it anyway.  Now, 2 years and 260 films later, she still had little idea on how to make a film like most directors.  However, with 255 film festival acceptance in just 9 months, , 21 awards, I think she knows how to win audience's heart.

Very few film makers can get film festival acceptance and with their youtube videos. But Shihyun made more than 250 youtube videos in just 2 years. While she did not submit all her youtube videos to film festivals, almost the videos she submitted to film festivals were officially selected.  Actually, 95 of her films were accepted by 56 different film festivals., which inlcuded 74 documentaries, 17 fiction tales and 4 music videos.  Her films were accepted by festival in all 5 continents with 21 awards in Fiction, documentary and music videos. 

You may not like her style or films, but you have to admire her determination to go for her dreams. 


Screenings / Awards: 

Nominated for "Best Writing" July 2017  at Independent Horror Movie Awards
Official Selection at at FROSTBITE International Film Festival June 2017
Official Selection at Austrial International Film Festival June 2017
Los Angeles Cinefest, July 2017, semi-finalist

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check out my youtube channle "The mysterydecoder" 

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to be decided
Directed by: 
Shihyun Wang. 21 awards in the last 9.5 months
Writing credits: 
Shihyun Wang, (IMDB - http://www)
Hadi Eltonsi - As Doctor Hadi Eltons Fatima Abdullah - As Doctor in red belping Hadi Annie Feng & Kenny Yu - Chinese couple standing Sharon Wang & David Wang - Chinese couple sitting Diana Florian - Romanian Teen Idol
Produced by: 
Shihyun Wang
Cinematography by: 
Shihyun Wang
Film Editing by: 
Shihyun Wang, co-editor Robert Wood
Casting by: 
Shihyun Wang
Release Date: 
Monday, May 29, 2017
Total votes: 3711