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This film is inspired from the poem by Robert Browning, "Porphyria's Lover" which tells a chaotic tale in a beautiful poetic way. Hence, I decided to use this as a subject in my film where the protagonist and the girl (prophyria) are lying next to each other on a mattress in a very well lit and serene and beautiful room which makes the environment noble and perfect and somehow poetic. With the first conversation she is trying to make a conversation with the protagonist with a very small talk sense question while the disinterest in the protagonist is seen clearly. The conversation itself is very rhyming and poetic to go with the theme. 
The monologue represent the state of mind of the protagonist who has a very nihilistic kind of personality which is shown by the contrasting shots with a monologue representing his deranged ability to sense the society and how it works and why he has this insecurity towards her and to keep her with himself even if he is not interested in her existence. Why the beauty became a sole part he wants to save and protect from the outer world. He kills her just after he realize there maybe a time when she will leave him so he rather than giving it any rational thought whatsoever he kills her in a beautiful way. There is no sign of struggle that Is shown which was very clear in the poem “She felt no pain, and I am sure no pain she felt” this represent who much she loves him and how much she worshipped him as whatever his decision would be it would be okay with her. And this is just a metaphoric attempt on the love story of the couple. 
“Memoria” the name represent the memory as in capturing a moment for yourself and keep it with you forever. Just like a photograph. This represent the way he captured her beauty that he wanted to keep with her. For the world he lives and the world she lives in are quite opposite, she as detached from the society wants her to stay in his world and with nothing holding him back as the death of his past and morals and teachings he kills her in a moment just to preserve her beauty and to preserve the moment. 

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

This film is inspired from the poem by Robert Browning, "Porphyria's Lover" which tells a chaotic tale in a beautiful poetic way.

Screenings / Awards: 

Official Selection in New York International Film Festival

Finalist in Industry Boost competition

Official Selection in IndieWise free virtual festival

Official Selection in Mikro FAF


Directed by: 
Shubham Sharma
Writing credits: 
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
Produced by: 
Shubham Sharma
Release Date: 
Sunday, December 3, 2017
Total votes: 1095

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