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Babu, a sweet charming kid, is always happy in his own world of fantasies. Not too fond of studies, Babu, is always been yelled upon by his parents especially his dad due to his poor academic performances. Azaad a poor kid, lives with his dumb uncle who works as a labour in a construction site. They meet, when ‘Babu’ runs away from his school after failing in his half yearly exams, with an intention of not going back home and to escape the horror of confronting his Dad after handing him his poor Marksheet. Azaad then learns Babu’s trouble and helps him escape to his destination (Babu’s Grandmother’s place). The film then captures the innocence and friendship of these two kids, who gradually gets too fond of each other, mesmerized by each other’s company that ultimately changed their lives.


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Directors: Ratan Sil Sarma Writers: Himjyoti Talukdar Producers: Himjyoti Talukdar , Dikhit Das, Ratan Sil Sarma Key cast: Adita Malla Buzarbarua, Abhijit Choudhury, Pranami Bora, Jintu Kalita

Total votes: 1571

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