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Maju Terus! / Go For It!


Moluccas exiles in The Netherlands have been labeled as failures. The filmmakers challenge this misconception showing that Moluccas actually were quite successful when judged by their own cultural premises used to interpret the trials and tribulations experienced first as soldiers in the Dutch colonial army in their homeland, Indonesia, and after World War II, as refugees in Holland resisting, sometimes violently, integration. Reinventing themselves, Moluccans assured their ethnic survival despite heavily intermarrying with the Dutch and eventually succumbing to a Dutch way of life. Native Moluccan filmmaker Helen Huwae is guiding us through her family's ordeals, symbolic of all exiles. This film has great relevance in light of the hot immigration and integration debates within Europe, North America and elsewhere in the world.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Dieter Bartels
Producers: Dieter Bartels
Key cast:

Total votes: 326

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