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Mad Like The Devil


A tale about a band of vicious outlaws that burn down a town. The survivors of the burning need to reach sanctuary in another town, while being chased by the cult like band of outlaws and the devil.

If you are receiving this prior to November 5th, 2015, this is a version of the film with a temporary soundtrack. The film is currently being scored in Chicago, and to my knowledge many festivals allow you to submit mostly finished films and just give them the finished version prior to the festival.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Jaime Herrera Jr.
Writers: Jaime Herrera Jr.
Producers: Jaime Herrera Jr., Piedad Herrera, Jaime Herrera
Key cast: Louis Trevino, Kenya Ramirez, Cristian Rios, Greg Sherman, Veronica Garcia, Danny Addams, Alex Moreno

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