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Love Stalk


Love Stalk

Sharon is a social-media-addicted public relations executive from Singapore, having a hard time balancing career and the search for love in Hong Kong’s singles scene. Even with all the dating advice she gets from her friend Joan (a sassy, life-of-the-party, local girl), Sharon’s dates always seem to end in disaster. 

Serendipity seems to strike as Sharon bumps into a gentlemanly and mysterious stranger named Ryan, who seems to be also from Singapore. Unable to get Ryan out of her mind, she finds him online and chases him in person through his social media check-ins. Joan is suspicious of Ryan and tries to warn Sharon about the dangers of online stalking a secret crush.

Just when Ryan and Sharon seem to make a true connection, Ryan disappears, leaving Sharon wondering what she did wrong. With a string of murders making front-page news across the city and Ryan suddenly showing up uninvited to her work functions, Sharon starts to wonder who really is stalking whom?

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Joe Fiorello

Writers: Joe Fiorello, Angie Palmer (also known as Angie P.), Jae Leung

Producers: Angie Palmer (also known as Angie P.), Sophia Shek

Key cast: Angie Palmer (also known as Angie P.), Ronan Pak, Dada Lo


Director: Joe Fiorello

Born and raised in New York, Joe now calls Hong Kong his home and came here with the dream of making Hong Kong movies, much like those he grew up watching. His credits include, writing and directing the low budget, horror-comedy My Stuffed Animal is a Monster and the award winning microfilm Fast Love. He also produced award-winning films such as the psychological thriller Dissonance and the comedy short film Boxed In. Other credits include writing for the Hong Kong produced computer animated feature film Sky Force 3D.

Director’s Statement

***This will be a world premiere for Love Stalk.***

With Love Stalk, we wanted to achieve an interesting mix of goals. We wanted to do an independent film with a message, but we also wanted to show that we could make a commercially viable story using a limited budget.

Plus, being a longtime fan of Hong Kong cinema, I wanted to do something few western filmmakers in Hong Kong have ever attempted… to do a Cantonese language film that local Hong Kong people and fans of Hong Kong cinema will enjoy. I think that’s exactly what we have achieved. We brought back a genre of film that was huge 20 years ago and is ripe for a comeback, the “female fronted stalker thriller”. We casted up-and-coming Hong Kong actors with the look and talent to pull it off, and we got together a crew crazy enough to follow an Italian-American from New York on a journey of making a Cantonese language indie film.

I really hope that this film can show people what can be accomplished with a bit of crowdfunding and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears in one of the most cinematic cities in the world.



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Student project: No
Completion date: 2015-07-31
Shooting format: Digital
Aspect ratio: 1:85:1
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 3057