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Looking for the Jackalope


After a surprise phone call from his old college girlfriend, Jordan Sterling, a disenchanted New York writer, misses his plane and plunges into a harrowing hitch-hiking odyssey to his college reunion in Ohio. Despite being stopped by a sheriff and getting smashed in the head by a flying beer bottle along the highway, Jordan finally manages to hitch a ride to his old college campus. In an attempt to rekindle romance with his old flame, Jordan learns a powerful lesson about living in the past.


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Karl Shefelman Writers: Karl Shefelman Producers: Matt Starr, Ellen Goldfader, Karl Shefelman Key cast: Michael Leydon Campbell, Larry Clarke, Meissa Hampton, Stephen Root (voice), Mary Testa

Screenings / Awards: 

Austin Revolution Film Festival 2017 - Winner - Audience Award Best U.S. Feature, Winner - Jury Award Best Comedy Feature

Big Apple Film festival 2016

New Film Makers Los Angeles Film festival 2017

Columbus International Film festival 2017

Seneca Film Festival 2017

Directed by: 
Karl Shefelman
Writing credits: 
Karl Shefelman
Michael Leydon Campbell, Larry Clarke, Meissa Hampton, Stephen Root (voice), Mary Testa
Produced by: 
Karl Shefelman, Matt Starr, Ellen Goldfader
Music by: 
Emily Duff, Rick Wagner, Eddie Arjun Peters
Cinematography by: 
Dan Parsons
Film Editing by: 
Karl Shefelman
Casting by: 
Aaron Moorland
Art Direction by: 
Charles McCarry, Bruce Jaklin
Costume Design by: 
Terrie Lewis, Tamara Minear
Makeup Department: 
Crystal Soveroski - Lead, Rhoda Cronebach - Assist., Jessica Dunham - Assist.
Production Management: 
Julie Cancio Harper
Other crew: 
See end credits
Release Date: 
Monday, November 20, 2017
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Total votes: 849

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