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A little mistake (Un trascurabile errore)

A young woman, Maria Dubois, just had a terrible car accident along with his companion, Pietro.
A few minutes later she finds herself in a strange place, where she's welcomed by a mysterious bureaucrat wearing a suit and tie.
"Maybe they told you there was a little misunderstanding about your case..."
The woman is confused, she does not comprehend.
She's told that there was a mistake, she has been taken, she died,  while the predestinate should have been Pietro, her boyfriend.
What to do? Coming back to life, or immolate herself to save him?
"A LITTLE MISTAKE", is a journey, as well as in the offices of the afterlife, even in the meanders of human nature, in order to show -with the right amount of irony- how we human beings are able to be generous and altruistic.
English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

"What happens when you take your boyfriend's place in the afterlife?"

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Directed by: 
Andrea Murchio
Writing credits: 
Andrea Murchio
Alessia Olivetti, Andrea Murchio and Roberta Frattin
Produced by: 
Cinematography by: 
Edoardo Nepote, Lorenzo Arduino
Film Editing by: 
Luca Marinuzzi
Casting by: 
Chiara Moretti
Art Direction by: 
Andrea Murchio
Set Decoration by: 
Barbara Re
Costume Design by: 
Barbara Re
Makeup Department: 
Giulia Corso
Production Management: 
Other crew: 
catering DINA CASTELLI, Script supervisor CARLO BERUATTO
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
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