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Off Limits



Information for the Audience: 

This short film depicts the seduction of a young woman and the passion and power dynamics in her relationship.

It is also an excerpt of the director´s longer narrative dance film 'Giselle'. 


Screenings / Awards: 

Best Dance Film Paris Play Film Festival

Best Music Video Chautauqua Film Festival New York 

Short Cut 100 Chicago Screening Oct. 8 

Best Dance Film 3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara Screening Nov. 30 

Bridges International Film Festival Greece 

Frostbite International Film Festival 

It also is an excerpt of the directors longer dance film Giselle which has been selected at several film festivals. 


Directed by: 
Severine Reisp
Writing credits: 
Severine Reisp
Camila Schäfer Rodrigues Victor Wisehart
Produced by: 
Severine Reisp
Music by: 
Score Squad
Cinematography by: 
Scott Ruderman
Film Editing by: 
Severine Reisp
Casting by: 
Severine Reisp
Art Direction by: 
Severine Reisp
Costume Design by: 
Severine Reisp
Release Date: 
Thursday, August 24, 2017
Official sites:
Total votes: 2262

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