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Let's Ride


What happens when you are in a bar and you just happened to see your next true love walk thru the door?  What makes things worse, what if she doesn’t know that she is your next true love?  And, what if you are too shy to tell her?  This music video tells the story of a man who finally gets the nerve to ask the girl to ‘take a ride.’ This video was shot in Florida’s Everglades and at the Big Dawg Saloon, where only smiles are allowed in the door.  Kim Cameron delivers another House song which pairs perfectly with night skies, motorcycles and full moons.  Another classic boy meet girl riding off into the sunset…or rather, the full moon. 


A screaming departure from any other single Cameron has written in the past.  Produced by New York City’s Kevin Rockhill, who has numerous dance hits under his belt, combines techno and house synths. The vocals take on a mix of effects that drive the beat into a wonderfully strange approach, often catching you off guardDirected and shot by Dave McMahnan, staring Kim Cameron, Marc Applewhite, Maritza Daman-Carles and Flip Aguilera.  


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Director:  Dave McMahnon, Producer: Niki Jahns

Hailing from Dayton, OH, Dave McMahan found his calling in photography thanks to the direction of high school teacher, Mr. Dean Whiteford.  After his very first click of the shutter at the young age of 16, Dave was hooked.  He spent the rest of high school developing his skill then continued in college at the Ohio Institute of Photography.  After graduation, he worked for various professional studios but realized his true calling was photographing for the entertainment and fashion industry.  As owner of Dave McMahan Photography in Fort Lauderdale, he shoots models, dancers and his newest passion, photographing people underwater.  His photographic background is diverse including sports, real estate, weddings, commercial and has recently added video to his repertoire.  His images have been printed in various publications nationally and Clients include Fashion Week Miami, The Video Music Awards, NFL Football, The Orange Bowl, and the Swatch Volleyball Beach Majors Series.  He is an award-winning photographer currently working internationally and around the entire United States.   


Most recent awards include: 

Los Angeles Film Awards - Selected (Beautiful Music Video) 

Accolade Film Competition Winner (Dancing in the Dark Music Video)

Best Shorts Competition Winner (Dancing in the Dark Music Video)

Global Music Awards Bronze (Beautiful Music Video)

NYC Indie Film Awards Bronze (Dancing in the Dark) 

Directed by: 
Dave McMahon
Writing credits: 
Kim Cameron
Kim Cameron, Marc Applewhite, Maritza Daman-Carles and Flip Aguilera
Produced by: 
Niki Jahns
Music by: 
Kim Cameron
Film Editing by: 
Kim Cameron
Casting by: 
Dave McMahnan
Art Direction by: 
Dave McMahnan
Costume Design by: 
Kim Cameron
Makeup Department: 
Shay Mallory
Release Date: 
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Official sites:
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