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The Legend of the White Ibex


“To escape from his nightmares Lukas goes in search of the White Ibex that every night saves him from the overhang.”

"The Legend of the White Ibex" is a poetic-philosophical tale of existential stamp, with a simple structure but rich in references presented lightly and powerful in meaning.

The repeated nightmare thoroughly dominates the nights and life of Lukas.
Also this morning, two pan-fried eggs almost perfect but inexorably ruined in a throw-away omelette, are the symbol of the denied resurrection.
A big cat, icon of freedom and sense of the wild, turns out to be fragile and sick once the daily meal is consumed and even the rooster-sculpture gaze towards the sky in the pompous morning rebirth does not awaken emotions in Lukas.
The bells that ring are pure for him as he loses the fast destination omnibus forcing him to the long run of the next race.
And as a premonition of mocking tolls it also loses work without the possibility of redemption, between an invitation to go into therapy and the evidence of wage dumping now settled in the living rooms of the economy.
When then a Shaman appears and vanishes into thin air after having disfigured a coincident story of an ibex before which a brave warrior had to go, the only reality left in Lukas is an abandoned pendant guardian of those forces of nature of which he is totally unaware and still must to discover…




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Markus Otz
Writers: Markus Otz
Producers: Markus Otz, Luisa Neri
Key cast: Marco Capodieci, Roberto Regazzoni, Amanda Rougier

Total votes: 489

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