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The kids from the Marx and Engels street


Story about youth of two brothers: in the same night - older brother, Stanko (30), is going to kill a man for a first time – and his 16-years brother Vojo is going to make love for the first time. Many things between two brothers will cross them on that important night, and - will review the meanings of terms: family, trust, youth, loyalty and priority. What seems to be easy – it is not at all at Balkans ... and what is the price of being filled with satisfaction? 

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"The Kids from the Marx and Engels street" is Montenegrin national Oscar candidate for Best foreign film, American Film Academy, Los Angeles, 2015


Everyone thinks Stanko is living the idyllic life of a musician in London. His little brother Vojo believes he's a hero. But what Vojo doesn't know is that fifteen years ago, Stanko fled Montenegro after a failed attempt to kill the man who murdered their father. A chance glimpse of his nemesis on TV is all it takes to drive Stanko onto the first flight back to Podgorica, hell-bent on finishing what he started. Meanwhile, Vojo's biggest problem is being peer-pressured into having sex with his girlfriend. Knowing he isn't remotely prepared, Vojo turns to his brother for help. Stanko decides to postpone his revenge - but a sordid trip into the underbelly of Podgorica soon brings him face to face with the friends and promises he betrayed on that fateful night, fifteen years ago. Momčilo Otašević delivers an understated but affecting performance as Stanko, a man torn between his dreams, his desire to be a good brother, and his obsession with vengeance. Steeped in the miasma of the Yugoslav War, 'The Kids from Marx and Engels Street' spins a tense, melancholy, and yet startlingly hopeful tale of revenge and brotherhood.

Director: Nikola Vukcevic
Scriptwriter: Milica Piletic, Nikola Vukcevic   
Author of the Original Work: Djordje Milosavljevic
Director of Photography: Dimitrije Jokovic
Editor: Srđan Stanojevic
Sound: Igor Vujovic, Dario Domitrovic
Composer: Vladimir Moritz
Main Actors/Actresses: Momcilo Otasevic, Goran Bogdan, Emir Hadzihafisbegovic, Ana Sofrenovic, Nebojsa Glogovac, Branka Stanic, Branimir Popovic, Petar Pozovic, Andjela Micanovic, Fatmir Spahiu, Julija Milacic
Screenings / Awards: 

Festivals: awards & nominations

1.        Montenegro int. film Festival (Balkan & Mediterranean region): Awards for - BEST DIRECTOR, BEST CAMERA (sept. 2014)

2.        Serbian Actors film festival, Nish, Serbia (sept. 2014), Award for -  BEST FOREIGN ACTRESS

3.        LIFFE (Ex-Yugoslavian Film festival of Film direction), september 2014: JURY SPECIAL MENTION

4.        Montenegrin national Oscar candidate for Best foreign film, American Film Academy, Los Angeles, november 2014

5.        Stockholm, Sweden, BANEFF (Balkan film festival), february 2015

6.        Paris, France: European Independent film festival, april 2015 (Finalist in European Dramatic feature)

7.        Paris, France: SEE film festival (Central Eastern Europe film festival), april 2015 - BEST ACTRESS

8.        Vancouver, Canada: Canada International Film Festival, april 2015: 2015 Royal Reel Award / Foreign Film Competition

9.        Philadelphia independent film festival, USA - april 2015, Film forum selection (Feature films)

10.     American Movie Awards - Las Vegas, USA, may 2015, HONORABLE MENTIONS & OFFICIAL FINALISTS 

11.     Madrid International Film Festival, (Spain),  july 2015, Nomination for BEST FOREIGN ACTOR

12.     Boston Independent Film Festival, USA, Summer edition, july 2015, awards: BEST FEATURE FILM, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SCREENPLAY

13.     Vienna, CeeFilmFestival (Central and Eastern Europe), sept/oct 2015

14.     Cinematic Int. film festival, Slovakia - september 2015

15.     Dublin, Ireland - Fingal Int. Film festival - Oct. 2015,  - BEST FEATURE FILM award

16.     India, FFSI International Film Fest.: Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengalur - august-december 2015, Federation of Film Societies of India        

17.     Raindance International Film Festival, London, England, october 2015

18.     St. Petersburg, Russia, Westwind film festival - October 2015 (selected already)

19.     Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt, November. 2015 (selected already)    

20.     Cottbus International Film Festival, Germany, November. 2015 (selected already)    

Total votes: 2607

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