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Karie (Black)


Karie means Black. While there are tonal variations in culture across the southern multicultural, multi-religious Indian state called Kerala, one thing that remains unchanged is the caste system. Caste is the dangerous villain that creates irreparable damage to the social fabric and ostracizes individuals based on their skin tone. Karie explores the intricacies and power equations in the grim caste system in the form of the dialects and subtle language nuances influenced by caste. The film travels through the village with two men whose mission is to conduct a ritual on behalf of their colleague who works abroad.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Shanavas Naranipuzha
Writers: Shanavas Naranipuzha
Producers: Eye 2 Eye Cinema
Key cast: Rammohan, Gopu Kesav, K T Satheesh, Unni Kumbidi, Velayudhan, Parukutti Amma

Total votes: 1287

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