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Kaisa's Enchanted Forest


THE OPENING FILM OF THE BERLINALE 2017 NATIVE SELECTION.Kaisa´s Enchanted Forest is an award winning film that has been selected to several prestigious film festivals including Berlinale International Film Festival, Gothenburg International Film Festival, Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, DOK Leipzig International Film Festival etc.Filmmaker Katja Gauriloff found a treasure trove of pristine 16mm footage of her grandmother Kaisa, a legendary storyteller. She recovered these priceless film from the ‘30s-60s, shot by the Swiss writer Robert Crottet, who lived with Kaisa in the ‘30s, and Spanish photographer Enrique Méndez. The footage and newly created animation depicting the stories creates a poetic, moving portrait of a charismatic woman who stayed strong as WWII forced them to leave their home lands forever.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: katja gauriloff
Writers: katja gauriloff
Producers: Joonas Berghäll
Key cast:

Total votes: 580

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