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The Jury

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

The Jury was filmed in Belgium, a small village called Soignies by very different ethnic backgrounds like Haitian-American Tcherry Samedy, Turkish origin Elif Akyuz, Flemish Rudi Reyners and Swiss national Gilles Dubochet are good examples of a diverse society lives in Belgium as in a harmony. 

The reasons why "The Jury" so touched deeply to the director is possibly a need for a change in humankinds’ believe systems about religions. Because for Elif, how do we perceive religions is actually defines our types of inner conflicts. She believes that each one of us has ying and yang in our higher-selves who are constantly in a war, and that ying yang seemingly opposite or contrary forces in us, may actually be complementary if we find a way to unite them. So the power of transforming reality into make believe type of rewriting of the history of good and evil is the essence of this film. 

Elif searched for a better future for our planet and she came up with an idea of solving the real separation of humans by starting the very origin idea of who is good or bad or what makes us good or bad. Really confronts an enlightenment about what if all the humans take their sides against a common “arch-rival enemies” became one of the food for thought of the film. 

In fact, for Elif as a director, the real challenge showed up when some people around her has taken specifically "angel and demon credo" as truth and accept them something as gospel.

Directed by: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz
Writing credits: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz
Tcherry Samedy
Produced by: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz, Tcherry Samedy, Rudi Reyners, and Gilles Dubochet
Music by: 
Rudi Reyners
Cinematography by: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz, Tcherry Samedy
Film Editing by: 
Tcherry Samedy
Casting by: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz
Production Design by: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz, Tcherry Samedy
Art Direction by: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz
Set Decoration by: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz, Tcherry Samedy
Costume Design by: 
Tcherry Samedy
Production Management: 
Bahar Elif Akyuz, Tcherry Samedy
Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Total votes: 1059

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