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I See You See I See You


In a world of visually discernible information, one does as one sees.


Perhaps, consequently, we lose the ability to make tactile sense of our reality.


What if reality went whimsical on us - could we still waddle together, even without really seeing?

Screenings / Awards: 


  • CKF International Film Festival @ Swindon, United Kingdom - “I See You See I See You”

  • Move Me Productions Belgium Film Festival @ Antwerp, Belgium - “I See You See I See You” (Jul 18)

  • Short to the Point May 2017 @ Romania - “I See You See I See You” (Jun 18)

  • Alternative Film Festival Summer Edition @ Toronto, Canada - “I See You See I See You” (Jun 18)

  • 8th Pune Short Film Festival @ Pune, India - “I See You See I See You” (Jun 18)

  • Moving Images 2017 @ Nicosia, Cyprus - “I See You See I See You” (Nov 17)

Directed by: 
Chen Jiexiao
Tay Ru Hui Charmaine Tan Wee Li-N
Produced by: 
Chen Jiexiao
Music by: 
Sergei Yatsko - Ochi Chorni (Accordian)
Cinematography by: 
Chen Jiexiao
Film Editing by: 
Chen Jiexiao
Release Date: 
Saturday, July 1, 2017
Total votes: 2838