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I, Father


A young man grieving over the recent death of his father struggles to deal with the growing relationship between his mother and his uncle. But then one day his father appears before him and his psychological state is thrown into turmoil. Eventually, at his father's urging, he decides to confront his father's brother at the engagement party thrown for his mother. As the party gets into full swing he makes his move and sets off a chain of events that ultimately forces him to embrace the true nature of love, honour and duty.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: mark norfolk
Writers: mark norfolk
Producers: Makfire Miftari
Key cast: Besim Ajeti, Makfire Miftari, Florentina Ademi, Alban Goranci, Ekrem Sopi, Alban Shahiqi, Anzotika Ajeti

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