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How Much?
The documentary we worked on it since February 2015 covers the difficulties that black immigrant women face in Turkey due to being black, immigrant and woman.
In the documentary; we are listening to stories and experiences of black immigrant women from different countries to find out what it means when victimization of being women includes immigrant and black identity in Turkish society.
The situation of being undocumented immigrant causes many difficulties in every aspect of their life especially for black women. Sexual harassment from street to working places, the difficulties of getting paid, finding a rental home, constant violence, being exploited are among the issues we have pointed out.
We had the opportunity to talk with many women from different countries and to witness their lives. Some of them consider Turkey as a steppingstone from where they can move further to Europe and other parts of the world. When we look at their profile we see that they are educated, aware of the world and multilingual people who are better equipped. They are employed and seeking opportunities in the world. To migrate Europe or USA take long time. Meanwhile they have to find a job and manage their lives in Turkey.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Sara Durmuş, Gülşah Keleş
Writers: Sara Surmuş, Gülşah Keleş
Key cast:

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