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How Deep is Your Love


"How Deep is Your Love"

Genre: Romantic dramedy

An aquaphobic widower falls for a commercial diver, who is bound to marry while setting up a personal record in deep-sea diving.

FINN takes care of RUBY after her mother died in a work accident as a commercial diver. An incident connects them with GINA, who plans to plant corals along the coastline to protect the land from storms and floods.
Finn's pledge to take care of Ruby makes it impossible for Finn to show Gina his true feelings. Finn's other problem is his fear of water, he feels guilty for his wife's death because he was not there when his wife needed him. Ruby hooks up Gina and Finn for a dance class, which ends with the dance instructor on the way to a hospital. The little girl uses all her wits to unite her father with Gina without to know why Finn is so hesitant when it comes to Gina. One of Finn's partners plans to steal a gold treasure hidden on the sea ground near one of their rigs. To achieve that, he must first eliminate his competition, Gina, who will get a lease for that part of the sea once she finishes her pilot project.
Finn's partner executes a hit on Gina, who ends in a hospital. Finn must now make a decision, his job, or the woman he loves. The only thing he must do to get the woman is to overcome his deadly fear of water. Gina awakens from her coma and finds her pilot project finished and Finn, who proposes her just as she always imagined it, underwater, and in a swimsuit. This way, Ruby gets a new mother and Finn, a partner for life.

Written by: Zvonko Leskovar,

Information for the Audience: 

Writer: Zvonko Leskovar

Directed by: Lance Kawas


Directed by: 
Lance Kawas
Writing credits: 
Zvonko Leskovar
Total votes: 612