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虹 Red


Red runs in a nonlinear storyline, revolving around two gangsters, Feng and Nan, who find themselves trapped by their decision in joining a gang. Nan slowly accepts that it has come to a point of no return, while Feng, a young gang member, struggles to come to terms with the fragility of life. This film is about the culture of gangs in Singapore; that it is easy to join a gang, but difficult to leave. In the story, we utilized the analogy of a bird stuck in a cage as an example to highlight this message. Through this, we hope to discourage youths to think twice before joining gangs. 


English subtitle: 


Screenings / Awards: 
  • Winner - Best Colour Grading, National Youth Film Awards 2017
  • Silver - Directing, Crowbar awards 2017
  • Bronze - Scripting, Crowbar awards 2017
  • Bronze - Cinematography, Crowbar awards 2017
  • Semi-Finalist - CCTV Third Youth Micro-Film Exhibition
  • Official Selection - Formosa Festival of International Filmmakers Awards
Directed by: 
Liaw Yong Hong
Writing credits: 
Ang Wei Ming & Zach RS Ho
Charlie Goh (吴清樑)​, Michael Kwah (柯宗耀)​, Derrick Ee​ & Andrew Seow 萧乙铭​
Produced by: 
Liaw Yong Hong
Music by: 
Sng Ye Min
Cinematography by: 
Zhang Yi, Eric
Film Editing by: 
Zach RS Ho
Production Design by: 
Zach RS Ho
Art Direction by: 
Zach RS Ho
Set Decoration by: 
Zach RS Ho
Makeup Department: 
Toh Xiao Hui
Production Management: 
Liaw Yong Hong
Other crew: 
Sound Mixing by: Sng Ye Min Gaffers: Charlene Casagemas & Shaun Foo Colourist: Zach RS Ho Propsmaster: Michelle Cheong Locations: Charles Looi Logo Designers: Ang Wei Ming & Daphne Cheng Post-Production Support: The Production Initiative
Release Date: 
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Total votes: 1041

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