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Her Own Address


Woman in South Asian region always remain dependent on their Father, Brother, Husband or, Son in their different stages of life. They never achieve their own home, own address. The story is portraying womanhood of South Asia and depicts the life of Sutopa who never thinks out of that. Finally comprehend when she lost every shelter and found herself on running train where her destination is unknown.
'Her Own Address' is National Grant Winner Bangladeshi Feature Film originally shot in Bengali and titled 'Sutopar Thikana'.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Proshoon Rahmaan
Writers: Proshoon Rahmaan
Producers: Masood Rohmaan
Key cast: Aparna Ghosh

Screenings / Awards: 
Commercially Released in local theatre
Dhaka, bangladesh
May 8, 2015
Bangladesh Premier at 7 May, 2015
National Grant- 2014, Bangladesh
Total votes: 1465

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