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H*ART ON dives off the deep end of modern art. A film about the yearning to create, to mould everyday emotions into a meaningful life and, most of all, to live beyond one's death.  A struggle that gets to the existential core of each of us…
H*ART ON invites you to actively participate in the making of meaning, so that themes of the film and the experience of watching it becomes one and the same.  An audio-visual trip whose movements challenge our perception, evoking in us the miracles and fears of our daily life. 
English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 
«The only way to talk about deceased artists, is through living artists», writes Součková. This may be the film’s goal: to enable artists to speak about themselves and others, about art’s function and possibilities.
H*ART ON’s contributors demonstrate art’s potential through their own work and artistic conversations. Each one is, in their own way, able to discuss challenging topics including the fight against conformity and fascism (Rykr), bodily functions/transformations/erosions (Karin Pisarik), presence and emptiness (Divo), and the importance of art throughout history (Součková).
The film jumps energetically between the various contributors while adding a refreshing supply of intercalated excerpts of people from around the world and different eras with explosive expressions: mad dancing, nudity, acrobatics, play, intimacy. One man, covered from head to toe in mirror fragments, wanders silently between the scenes, connecting the film’s various universes. Perhaps he symbolises Rykr, who according to the curator «avoided having a face which could be read.” What all these conceptual artists have in common, is the way in which they activate their surroundings, framing them with surprising activities and props.
Hilde Susan Jaegtnes, Moderntimes
Screenings / Awards: 

Official Selection – DOK Leipzig

Directed by: 
Andrea Culková
Writing credits: 
Andrea Culková Thomas Ernst
Karin Pisarik ( Mark Divo ( Stanislav Müller - 1st. MIRROR MAN (FB:@mirrorman1st) Cedric Philippe ( Sonja Vectomov ( Yoshiko Saito Jitka Cempírková Zdenek Rykr Milada Součková Motoráček
Produced by: 
DURACFILM (Pavlína Kalandrová, Miroslav Novák, Andrea Culková) Czech TV (Petr Kubica)
Music by: 
© BAZEL N's Umbrella (2015) This (2015) Horizon (2015)
Cinematography by: 
Lukáš Milota Andrea Culková Aleš Hart
Film Editing by: 
Thomas Ernst
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
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