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Handle with Care


James takes a job housesitting for Raphael Vargas, an esteemed and eccentric entomologist famed in the insect science community for his incredible bug-communication techniques. The house is filled with tanks containing dangerous and potentially lethal creepy-crawlies. When one of the little guys escapes, James has a lot more to worry about than watching over the house.

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Information for the Audience: 

This project was originally created for an international 72 Hour Film Competition, meaning the entire project was conceived and shot within two days. Our third day was reserved for editing, but this version has had additional work done to the edit in order to perfect our vision.

The original version of this project made the top 25 films in the competition, and won three different awards. It won two "Best use of Genre" awards for our assigned genres of Mistaken Identity and Surprise Ending; and an award for "Best use of Character" for the assigned bug scientist, Rafael Vargas played by Willy Appelman.

Thursday Shoots is group of friends who love making projects together and participate in a lot of film races, and we are particularly proud of this project. We hope you enjoy it!

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Student Project: No

Completion Date: 12/21/16

Aspect Ratio: 16x9

Flim Color: Color

First-Time Filmmaker: Yes

Directed by: 
Michael Mercadante
Writing credits: 
Written by Tom Capps and Kevin Etherson
James Best - James Willy Appelman - Rafael Vargas Elaina Wahl - Elaina Peter Coleman - Delivery Man Rich Vience - Creature
Produced by: 
Phillip Russell, Tom Capps, Kevin Etherson, Michael Mercadante, Charlie DesJardin
Music by: 
Brent Saunders and Kyle Small
Cinematography by: 
Phillip Russell
Film Editing by: 
Dylan Cook and Michael Mercadante
Other crew: 
Associate Producer - Brian Pruzan
Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Total votes: 1968