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In the late 1800's Randle and Jess roamed The American Southwest.  Survival and freedom in their minds of what was right and wrong, is what lead these outlaws through the west, robbing, stealing, and killing at whoever got in their way of what they had to do at that moment.  With Crazed bounty hunters on the move to catch them for a great reward, Jess and Randle gunsling their way to freedom and liberty in the wild west while their friendship remains strong.  They know every moment their life is on the line.  Will they make it to Mexico alive?  Or will they fall victim to bloodshed?  Gunfighters is a story of redemption, freedom, friendship, while taking you on a ride with two of the most feared outlaws to ever live.

Information for the Audience: 

Gunfighters is an action Western


Information for theatres: 

Aspect Ratio: 1920 X 1080 Canon HD

Shooting Format: 24 frames per second

Total votes: 1385