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Gone Lesbo Gone: The Untold Tale of an Unseen Film!


A retrospective documentary on filmmaker Andrew Leavold's debut feature Lesbo-A-Go-Go. This is the tale of a man with big ideas but no budget who assembled a crew and set out to make a faux sixties exploitation film, the kind of film he would want to see though sadly at the time due to the niche nature of the subject matter very few else did. Despite its entrapment in distribution limbo for over a decade, Lesbo-A-Go-Go has garnered a minor cult reputation internationally and this documentary explores the film's sordid production history as well as its enduring legacy. A no-holds-barred tell-all tale with interviews from cast, crew and industry professionals interspersed with never-before-seen alternate takes, bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage from the film.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Jarret Gahan

Writers: Jarret Gahan

Producers: Andrew Leavold, Jarret Gahan

Key cast: Andrew Leavold


Director: Jarret Gahan

A university film graduate, Jarret Gahan has written, produced & directed a combination of over twenty short films, music videos and documentaries. His most recent short film 'Budget Cuts' played Frightfest 2014 in London, Buried Alive 2014 Film Festival in Atlanta, Sydney Underground Film Festival 2014, both Monsterfest 2013 in Melbourne (VIC) & Monsterfest 2014 in Perth (WA), along with the Trasharama A-Go-Go touring festival across every state of Australia. He has also acted as a director of photography, camera operator and editor on a number of productions including the feature-film 'Lesbo-A-Go-Go', Some Jerks 'Dark & Dead Of Night' music video and 'A Basket Case Study' Special Feature for Bounty Films' 'Basket Case' DVD. Having just completed post-production on his feature-length documentary 'Gone Lesbo Gone: The Untold Tale of an Unseen Film!', Gahan intends to pen his first narrative feature whilst continuing to produce music videos and value added material for home entertainment.

Director’s Statement

Filmmaker Jarret Gahan has toiled in short form storytelling for well over a decade, producing everything from award-winning short films to music videos to more recently supplemental features for home entertainment releases. When asked why the transition to feature-length he said “despite it being a logical transition, it was more happenstance in the case of this documentary. Initially it started as a retrospective featurette for a potential DVD release of 'Lesbo-A-Go-Go'. When that release fell through I was left with the featurette and upon reviewing it I realised there was a deeper story to be told and more voices out there to tell it”. When pressed as to what makes this story feature-worthy he responded that “the film 'Lesbo-A-Go-Go' is unlike anything ever produced in Australia, it really is a unique beast and the tale behind its production is both sordid and hilarious but above all inspiring. I believe the documentary to be an accurate and at times an all too honest time-capsule of its production over a decade ago”.


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