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Giselle is a narrative dance film inspired by the original ballet in which a Syrian refugee falls in love with a charming but career driven politician.

23:00:00 min
Information for the Audience: 

Director Statement: 

I believe that dance can sometimes say more than words concerning emotions and political topics and that a narrative dance film can merge new choreography, music and current social issues.
Encouraging women is also important to me and as a director I felt empowered to let my own visions come to life.
Before enrolling in college I was a ballet dancer with the professional track program of State Street Ballet and Joffrey Ballet in New York. Hence, I see directing as choreography on the screen. My film is narrative, yet it includes a lot of choreographies that are essential to the story line.
My film Giselle is a modern adaptation of a ballet and follows the story of a young Syrian refugee who falls in love with a conservative American politician. I hope my film will encourage people to feel more empathy towards each other, which is especially important in this current society, and that it will draw attention to the importance of empowering women and issues in our society whilst showing entertaining and cutting edge choreography.

Screenings / Awards: 



Festigious Los Angeles International Film Festival                   

  Festigious Winner Vector

(Best Dance Film)

New York Film Awards 

-New York Film Awards Winner Black Text

( Best First Time Director)

Paris Play Film Festival

Best Dance Film - Paris Play Film Festival - 2017

(Best Dance Film)  (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle)

Chautauqua International Film Festival

Winner - Chautauqua International Film Festival CIFF - 2017-2

 (Best Music Video) (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle)

Oniros Film Awards Italy


(Best Choreography)

Divulge Dancer´s Film Festival, Los Angeles 

Best Student Film - Divulge Dancers Film Festival - 2017-2.png

(Best Student Dance Film)

Top Shorts Film Awards

22829875_1374896469290018_4756553737465977292_oTop Shorts Winner - 2017 10.png

(Honorable Mention Best Inspirational Film )

Accolade Film Competition

(Best Student Women Filmmaker and best Student Entertainment, Dance Film)

3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara

Best Dance Film - 3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara - 2017

(Best Dance Film) 


Glendale International Film Festival Oct. 13 – Oct. 22. Screening : Oct. 16 6 pm

Yonkers Film Festival NY  November 3-Nov.8 Screening Nov. 6: 6 pm 

Shortcut 100 Chicago (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle) Screening Oct. 8 

Divulge Dancers´ Film Festival Los Angeles  Oct. 14-15 Screening: Oct. 14 Winner

3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle) Screening Nov. 30 Winner

Los Angeles Film Awards (nominated for Best Student Film) 

Frostbite International Film Festival: Finalist 

Oniros Film Awards Italy Winner yearly event and screening in La Thuile, Italy, in August 2018 

Madrid Art Film Festival: Finalist (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle)  Screening Sept. 29-Sept.30 

Bridges International Film Festival Corinth Greece (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle) Oct. 12-18 Screening: Oct. 15 

Festigious Los Angeles Winner

New York Film Awards Winner

Top Shorts Winner

Paris Play Film Festival (Off Limits Winner) 

Chautauqua International Film Festival Silver Award for Off Limits Screening June 30 2017

Preselected Vancouver Filmdance Festival

Cinema New York City Semi- Finalist 

Official Selection Blow Up International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Semi-Finalist 

Accolade Film Competition Winner

Directed by: 
Severine Reisp
Writing credits: 
Severine Reisp
Camila Schäefer Rodrigues, Victor Wisehart, Gundula Schulze
Produced by: 
Severine Reisp
Music by: 
Laura Rizzotto, Score Squad, Jon Lloyd
Cinematography by: 
Scott Ruderman, Xueni Yang, Severine Reisp
Film Editing by: 
Severine Reisp
Casting by: 
Severine Reisp Cornelia Lerch
Art Direction by: 
Severine Reisp
Release Date: 
Saturday, September 9, 2017
Official website:
Total votes: 2903