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A young angry father gets out of his home in rush to search and get a food to his hungry children; he encounters with a rich family who refused and humiliated him while he asks them to carry their basket for a small money. He rambles round in a busy city and lately stumble upon with a thief at a bakery; the thief suddenly yells at him  THIEF;  within a few  seconds an angry mob chases the young father away. Everyone fails to see their own culpability while hunting him.

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Screenings / Awards: 

World cinema Amsterdam  (2017) 

ZIFF (2017) Officially selected, Finalist

FESPACO (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 2017) Officially selected, Finalist

Deutsche Welle International broadcaster, Bonn, Germany NOT ON TV! (2016) premiered in special request

Africa film festival: film aus afrika (2016) Officially selected, premiered in special request

interfilm 31st International Short Film Festival (Berlin 2015) Officially selected, Finalist

9. River Film Festival (Padova 2015) Winner first prize

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Directed by: 
Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum
Writing credits: 
Written by Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum
Befikadu Kebede (father) Zinash Getenet (mother) flomina Dawi (child) Yonatan Daniel (child) Samson worku (thief) Yetinayet Tamiru (woman at bakery) Melat Moges (rich girl) Anteneh Adugna (rich boy) Seble Tefera (rich woman) Dawit Seleshi (baker) Michael Tamire, Daniel Yimer und Tegene Akalu (the three decadent at the meal) Crowds: Estifanos Seleshi, Loza Adugna, Fantahun Assefa, Girma Kersema, Mesfin Getahun, Redet Tadesse, Biniam Tadesse, Qaleab Kebede, Shiferaw Tesema, Nigus, Jemil, Tamiru Million, endalikachew Mamo, Belay Begejaye, Yared Mamo, Gashaw Kogne, Bernabas, Assegid, Estifanos Daniel, Hanan Melaku, Frehiwot Sebsibe.
Produced by: 
Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum
Music by: 
Michael springer
Cinematography by: 
Daniel Tamirat
Film Editing by: 
Daniel Tamirat
Casting by: 
Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum
Production Design by: 
Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum, Daniel Tamirat
Set Decoration by: 
Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum, Daniel Tamirat
Production Management: 
Dawit Seleshe Siyoum
Other crew: 
Assistant director: Zelalem Getahun; Sound: Gerd Georgi; Location manager and continuity: Amir Aman; Assistant Cameraman: Elias Tesfaye,
Release Date: 
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Official website: 
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Total votes: 1673