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Funny Fat Guy


After bombing hard in front of the “powers that be” Charlie McStean questions his desire and talent as a stand-up comedian. Charlie might be a “starving artist”, but he has a healthy appetite for cheeseburgers, ice cream, and cocaine. Los Angeles is a hard place to live for the fat, broke, and sober. His parents don’t believe in his comedy and think it’s time their son give up on his “dream.” Maybe Charlie’s moment has passed.
Charlie’s best friend, Taylor, is one of Hollywood’s “beautiful people”, but Taylor’s beauty is only skin deep. The fact that they grew up together and the promise of meeting Taylor’s elusive agent, Thayer Flethcher, seems to be the only thing keeping their friendship alive. Charlie’s real friends are his brothers/sisters in arms at The Ha-Ha Hole, but he begins to notice that his fellow comics and his career are headed in two different directions. It’s McStean’s addictions that prevent him from mentoring budding comic, Dexter, befriending actress turned waitress, Anna, and touring with his hero, Ollie Daniels. It’s only club owner, Lou, who warns Charlie “not everyone loves a funny fat guy.” Charlie’s struggle shows us the pursuit of the “Hollywood Dream” can be a sunny nightmare and you’re all alone when you take the stage hoping the crowd is laughing with you and not at you.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 
Screenings / Awards: 

2016 2nd Annual Diamond in the Rough Film Festival - Named Best Feature, Cupertino, California US

Directed by: 
Ryan Penington
Writing credits: 
Nick Snowden
Sandy Danto ... Charlie McStean Shelley Dennis ... Anna Sullivan Marcus Stewart ... Dexter Lake Trevor Lee Georgeson ... Taylor Davis Timothy A. Bennett ... Lou Jennifer Sterger ... Darla Randolph Adams ... Thayer Fletcher Christopher Zane Gordon ... Heckler Alex Phillips ... Marcus Stone Griff Kohout ... Hammersly Matthew Ryan Lewis ... Retarded Waiter Mackenzie Horras ... Uggs Girl Ellana Barksdale ... Principal Evans Keeli Ross ... Kaylee Jeanne Taylor ... Apartment Manager Helen Kelly ... Mrs. McStean Jordan Laesch ... Lucas Jett Brett Tietjen ... Ollie Daniels Ricky Luna ... Phil Ify Nwadiwe ... Robbie Rob Hendricks Vinnie Coppola ... Rick Christine Medrano ... Renee Teddy Ray ... Tedro Martin Rizo ... Skittles Dave Swan ... Bouncer Craig C. Chen ... Police Officer Noelani Bradley ... Jogger London Becs ... Bettina Jackie Gold ... Jackie
Produced by: 
Nick Snowden Ryan Penington Matthew Ryan Lewis Christopher Perralta
Cinematography by: 
Ryan Penington
Film Editing by: 
Ryan Penington Joe Pedi Matthew Warren
Casting by: 
Matthew Ryan Lewis
Set Decoration by: 
Ryan Penington
Makeup Department: 
JoAnne Wu Aubrey Midlestedt
Production Management: 
Matthew Ryan Lewis
Release Date: 
Friday, September 2, 2016
Total votes: 1126

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