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Full Circle


The lives of two men, an Irish war journalist and an American living in Ireland intertwine in an unusual tale of enlightenment and redemption.

Documentary Film-Maker and war journalist, Malcolm Walker (Michael Bates) returns to Ireland after his last production in Gaza went horribly wrong. A tragic accident occurred while filming his documentary about underground tunnels used by ‘Hamas’. This accident caused the death of Malcolm’s wife and producer Linda Walker (Susan Bracken).

Two years on and Malcolm barely recognizes himself or the man he has become. Poor life-choices leave Malcolm facing a night in the local police cell following an unfortunate altercation… But he’s not alone in the cell.

Enter Travis Sear (Mark Schrier), an American that met Malcolm some three years earlier and his cellmate for the night. Malcolm had interviewed Travis and his wife at the ancient site of  Newgrange Co.Meath for another TV show at that time. Following the interview Travis and his wife Rose (Annette Kelly) were in a car accident. Travis survived, but his wife Rose was left in a catatonic state.

Travis now believes this car accident to be the result of the curse of the ‘Órach Stone’. An ancient stone that Rose found at Newgrange that day. And her taking it from the ancient site caused this curse and the subsequent accident. Travis believes that the ‘Órach Stone’ has to be returned to Newgrange and an ancient ritual performed with the chosen ones. Only this ritual can lift the curse that plagues Rose.

Having met Malcolm once again after all these years, Travis believes that Malcolm is a sign, and a  chosen one. And he and only he can help perform this ancient ritual and bring Rose back. Seeing the opportunity of a story, Malcolm reluctantly agrees to help Travis on his journey. This journey will take Malcolm to places other than Newgrange as he struggles to face his own demons and deal with his own loss and the nightmarish memories of Gaza.


94 minutes


Directed by: 
Noel Brady
Writing credits: 
Noel Brady
Michael Bates, Mark Schrier, Susan Bracken, Annette Kelly, Joe McKinney, Geraldine McAlinden, Jenny Dixon, John Duggan, Padraig Murray, Gerry Wade, Tom Neville, Gerry Shanhan
Produced by: 
Noel Brady
Music by: 
Paul Enright
Cinematography by: 
Noel Brady
Film Editing by: 
Noel Brady
Casting by: 
Noel Brady
Production Design by: 
Noel Brady
Art Direction by: 
Noel Brady
Set Decoration by: 
Noel Brady
Costume Design by: 
Noel Brady
Makeup Department: 
Roisin Condon
Production Management: 
Noel Brady
Other crew: 
Simon Murphy, Glenn Kaufmann, Danilo Zambrano: Sound Dept Assistant Director: Padraig Murray Camera Assistant: James Farrell
Release Date: 
Friday, February 15, 2019
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