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There is an underground effort to revolt against the local officials due to police brutality and friction arises between conflicting beliefs and views between local revolution leaders on their pursuit of change. 




Information for the Audience: 

First time filmmaker, Ogechi Musa, produced, directed, wrote, and starred in Friction. The support and passion of the subject matter inspired Musa to complete such a huge task at the young age of 23. Musa casted and hired crew members that she already knew and collaborated with friends and local talent to bring her vision to life. 

Screenings / Awards: 
  • Hometown Screening at Yale for Black History Month (Feb 2017)
    New Haven, U S A
    Rising Black Female Filmmaker
  • NYC Teen Film Festival Judge Screening (Aug 2016)
    NYC, U S A
Directed by: 
Ogechi Musa
Writing credits: 
Ogechi Musa
Produced by: 
Ogechi Musa
Music by: 
Signif, Tadala Jumbe, Ogechi Musa
Cinematography by: 
Darren Alexander Cole
Film Editing by: 
Ogechi Musa, Olivia Weseley, Kyle Sykes
Casting by: 
Ogechi Musa
Release Date: 
Saturday, August 12, 2017
Total votes: 653

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