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Free State


Set in 1979 in South Africa, a pass system was in place restricting the movement of non-whites. In the Orange Free State Indians were not allowed to reside or own land or do business, in fact they needed permission to be in the province. If permission was granted they were not allowed to stay in the province for longer than 48 hours. As a general rule they were not allowed in the province after sunset. It was also illegal to to have a relationship between whites and non-whites (Blacks, Indians or Asians). Jeanette is a beautiful open minded law student. She decided to study while her boyfriend is completing his national military service. They are set to be engaged when he returns. During her summer holiday with her father in the Free State, a random act of kindness by an attractive Indian man, Ravi, sparks an unexpected love affair. Despite being warned not to act on these feelings she decides to pursue this relationship. Secret meetings followed, since it was against the law at the time to have an interracial relationship. When their secret comes out, all hell breaks loose.


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Directors: Sallas de Jager Writers: Sallas de Jager Producers: Rajiv Terwadkar Key cast: Andrew Govender, Deon Lotz, Leleti Khumalo, Mangesh Desai, Nicola Breytenbach, Paul Eilers

Screenings / Awards: 
Chennai International Film Festival
Bengaluru International Film Festival
Sangali International Film Festival
Kolhapur International Film Festival
The PAN African Film Festival
5th Luxor African Film Festival
Cameroon International Film Festival
Garden State Film Festival
Total votes: 1960

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