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The Flight of the Gypsy Nightingale


A feature Documentary that follows the Life and Times of Christina Linhardt, Singer-Song Writer, Recording Artist, Actor. Entertainer...Christina sings every genre : Opera, Art Songs, Show Tunes , Contemporary, The film includes interviews with family and a cohort of friends in the LA Theater Scene. Come join the fun from Bubble Bath Aria all the way to the Body Painting Operatic Finale ...


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Pasquale Moscatello Writers: Producers: Pasquale Moscatello-Anthony Verebes-Matt Moscatello Key cast: Christina Linhardt, Judy Docter, Dr. Bruce Eskovitz, Eric Volmer, D.J. Carlile, Kate Fredericks, Lee Boek, Greg Bell, Al Bowman, Michael 'Tuba' Heatherton, Shea Welsh, Smoke Miles- Count Smokula, Justeen Ward, Christine Bartley Williams, Errin Williams, Ondi Tumoner, Anita Protich

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