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"The Finellis" A New American SitCom



Information for the Audience: 

The Story Behind The Show... It's "Mrs. Doubtfire" meets "Goodfellas." 

In the 1990's, Tony Finelli, an Italian-American from New York (Mark Janicello) was a star in Europe. Tony found fame playing the KinG of Rock and Roll in "ELVIS: The Musical" and turned that initial success into an international singing career.

In 1997, Tony's manager Jürgen, was contacted by an Italian Concert Promoter representing "Mr. Big," (Godfather of the Gambaretto Mafia Family), supposedly regarding a big concert in Sicily, where Tony was to have performed. This promoter was actually an undercover Agent working for the German CIA, leading a secret sting operation to arrest Mr. Big, who was under investigation in Germany for both tax evasaion and money laundering.

Tony and Jürgen were faced with the choice of either going to prison for Mr. Big or watching both of their families get murdered by the mob. Aftr taking the fall for the Mafia Boss and spending 15 years in jail for a crime they didn't commit, Tony and Jürgen return to Tony's home in Berlin. Unbeknownst to Tony, in the intervening years, his wife Tina had divorced him and turned his villa into a boarding house.

In order to be near his children, Tony Finelli takes the job as superintendent in his own villa, so he can rebuild both his life and career and reconnect with his (now grown) daughters, Lola and Lena.

The Series begins on the day Tony and Jürgen get out of prison.

"The Finellis" is a new American Sitcom, being produced in Berlin for the international TV Market. It is a unique mix of family drama, comedy, music and animation.


Tony Finelli: Mark Janicello
Jürgen Drahtseil: Timo Merkhoffer
Tina Finelli: TBA
Lola Finelli: Stefanie Sekler
Lena Finelli: Gabriela Burkhardt
Bea Finelli: Karin Rasenack
Pete Finelli: Klaus Hoser
Nonna D'Agostino: Trish Osmond
Mr. Big: Erwin Broederbauer
Fat Louis: TBA
Jimmy Pooch: TBA
Mike Richards: Ricky Watson
Ebra Richards: TBA
Agent Schmitt: Dietmar Wunder
Little Lola: TBA 
Little Lena: TBA

Filming on location in Berlin, Germany in Summer 2017

Worldwide Distribution: HG Distribution, Montreal.

Executive Producer: Mark Janicello
Producers: Barbara Langbein, Melanie Langbein, Boris Schmidt, Beate Schmidt-Varga, Erika Steindl, Marie Luise Berrang
Associate Producers: Konrad Kaubisch and Uli Payr

Written and Created by: Mark Janicello
Directed by: Joris Hermans
Animation by: 
Cartoon Character Design: Brad Parquette
Music: Ulf Weidmann
Cinematography: Igor Andreevski 
Editing: TBA
Art Direction: TBA
Costume Design: Barbara Langbein 
Production Design: TBA
Makeup: TBA
Sound: Slobodan Bajic
Stylist: Lucca Richter

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Screenings / Awards: 

2016 Berlin Serienale

Directed by: 
Pilot directed by Mark Janicello Series Directed by Joris Hermanns
Writing credits: 
Written by Mark Janicello
Mark Janicello ... Tony Finelli (13 episodes) Timo Merkhoffer ... Jürgen Drahtseil (13 episodes) Gabriela Burkhardt ... Lena Finelli (13 episodes) Bianca Karsten ... Tina Finelli (12 episodes) Stefanie Sekler ... Lola Finelli (12 episodes) Klaus Hoser ... Pete Finelli (11 episodes) Trish Osmond ... Nonna D'Agostino (11 episodes) Karin Rasenack ... Bea Finelli (10 episodes) Erwin Bröderbauer... Mr. Big (8 episodes) Dietmar Wunder ... Agent Schmitt (6 episodes) Claude Paulus... Pierre Montreux (5 episodes) Anja Karmanski... Faith Michels (4 episodes) Yolette Thomas... Hycinth LaVet (4 episodes) Melli Ehregezen... Ebru Richards (3 episodes) Gloria Gray ... as Herself (2 episodes) Ruth Legagneux ...Gaby Wahrsteiner (2 episodes) Rasmus Branders... Helmut Rachman (1 episode) Al Crespo... Marcello Mastroianni (1 episode) Pierluigi Crisci... Simon Le Gre (1 episode) Julian C. Fernandez... Ingolf Lutschmann (1 episode) Stefanie Grabner ... Sybille Schaeffer (1 episode) Ariane Reisenweber... Louise König (1 episode) Judith Shoemaker... Helga Brennfeuer (1 episode) Melanie Stahlkopf... Marie Oppermann (1 episode) Elena Theis... Sarah Fischer (1 episode) Anne Alexander Sieder ... Tina Finelli (Pilot Episode Only) Katharina Sporrer ... Lola Finelli (Pilot Episode Only) Lale Schöneck .. Little Lola (Pilot Episode Only) Zara Schöneck ... Little Lena (Pilot Episode Only)
Produced by: 
Executive Producer: Mark Janicello Producers: Marie Luise Berrang, Barbara and Melanie Langbein Associate Produers: Boris and Beate Schmitt
Music by: 
Ulf Weidmann
Cinematography by: 
Igor Andreevski
Film Editing by: 
Olaf Nohf and Mark Janicello
Casting by: 
Stagepool and ZBV Berlin
Production Design by: 
Graziella Tomassi
Art Direction by: 
Graziella Tomassi
Set Decoration by: 
Graziella Tomassi
Costume Design by: 
Barbara Langbein
Makeup Department: 
Yvonne Denner
Production Management: 
Andrea Kaul
Other crew: 
Animation by 908 Video Berlin
Release Date: 
Saturday, October 1, 2016
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