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Finding Me


-In a place of the world where you are always told how a life is supposed to be lived, three girls decided to do it on their own way and headed in a journey to discover life...A journey to discover oneself-


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

 I am a passionate Egyptian Female Film maker, i am concerned about female issues in the Middle East and Arab countires, women who are striving for their rights.

I am an Architect with a Master degree in Urban design and community development, who always had passion for all shapes of art and specially film making, so i studied

film making in an online Film school based in New York, my final project was "Finding Me" and it represents a lot of the struggles and dreams of many dreams living in the 

Middle East region. The movie aims for a social change by orienting the mindsets of Arabb communities to the globally oriented world we are living in and how they should let their girls be

a part of it rather than locking them away.

Directing, Cinematograpgy, Editing and Animation All by: Nada S. Ibrahim

Cast: Nedaa Hany - Reeham Mourad - Nada El Shazly

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Directed by: 
Nada S. Ibrahim
Writing credits: 
Nada S. Ibrahim
Nedaa Hany Reeham Mourad Nada El Shazly
Produced by: 
Nada S. Ibrahim
Music by: 
All music licensed and Copyrighted by Envato
Cinematography by: 
Nada S. Ibrahim
Film Editing by: 
Nada S. Ibrahim
Release Date: 
Saturday, February 18, 2017
Total votes: 6895

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