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What happens if you want to say goodbye to a loved one but this suddenly no longer find ? The short film "Farewell" tells how want to accompany a group of friends with different characters their deceased friend and brother on a last trip and so much goes wrong.

In bizarre and comical way this short satire will pull you in its spell - and what, if such a thing happened once to me?

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

This is my first short film. After learning acting an producing theater plays I joined in a script workshop. The script to this movie was the result. I was forcing all my power to produce to realize this movie. It was a great experiance and I would work togehter with this great team again. Now also an interesting step is the distribution of the movie. I learned a lot and it shouldn't be my last film. I hope you can enjoy it!

Directed by: 
Urs Kälin
Writing credits: 
Urs Kälin
Lisa Christen Diane DelaCroix Jan A. Hiss Sandro Howald Navin Benny Kiser Urs Kälin Mio Layne Katharina Linhart Nadine Martig Pauli Schmidig Philippe Schuler
Produced by: 
Urs Kälin
Music by: 
Christian Merki
Cinematography by: 
Remo Fritzsche
Film Editing by: 
Urs Kälin
Art Direction by: 
Tamara Ferrari
Costume Design by: 
Tamara Ferrari
Makeup Department: 
Carol Geiger
Other crew: 
Fabian Lüscher Light Marco Gruber Light and CG
Release Date: 
Friday, June 10, 2016
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Total votes: 1446

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