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An experimental art film which takes viewers on a mind-bending odyssey through the realms of love, life, immortality and the meaning of reality.

"Y is immortal and lives in paradise...or so he believes. When paradise starts coming apart around him and he begins receivin messages from his dead wife, he realises he's either losing his mind...or nothing is hat it seems."

But this is only one possible storyline. Is Y living in a paradise which begins to seemlike a virtual reality or is he a writer writing about a character living in a paraide that begins to seem like a virtual reality? Or is he a catatonic patient of a mental hospital imagining he's a writer writing about a writer who imagines he's...?

Not a film for those who like neat plots and resolutions.

EXIT has been called an experimental masterpiece and compared in theme to Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' by the organisers of the Hell Chess Film Festival in Madrid, Spain. 

Frank Schonweill, Dutch film critic and TeOverKill Festival curator, writing in Cutzine TOTF, described EXIT as "Existentialism in all it's glory"






Information for the Audience: 

EXIT is not a film for audiences who like straight genre or films with neat plotlines and resolutions.

EXIT is an experimental art film aimed more at the kind of people who would watch a video in an art gallery than the kind of people who 'go to the movies' for entertainment.

If you like the work of Matthew Barney, Mike Figgis, Peter Greenaway, Shuji Terayama, Kurt Kren, or Andrei Tarkovsky, you will probably enjoy EXIT.

Screenings / Awards: 

Hell Chess Film Festival in Madrid, Spain, in July 2016. Winner -  Best Director award.

The Overkill Festival, Enschede, The Netherlands in November 2016. It screened as a video installation in the Art section.

The Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground in Buenos Aires, South America, in December 2016.

The Chicago Armacord Arthouse Television and Video Awards Festival, Chicago, December, 2016.




Information for theatres: 

EXIT can be screened as an authored DVD or as a Quicktime file from HDD.

Distribution budget: 
Directed by: 
David King
Writing credits: 
David King
David King, Andrea Parke, Ed Mylan, Lorraine Hall, Gemma Well, Gemma Papalia, Christine Monjaret, John Norden, Jodie O'Connor, Wayne Jury (voice only), Jon Mamonski (Voice only), Matthew King (Voice Only), Andrew Hills.
Produced by: 
David King & Lorraine Hall
Music by: 
Joseph Stanaway, Funky Mondays Choir, David King, Clive Whitworth
Cinematography by: 
David King Additional cinematography by Clive Whitworth, Andrea Parke & Ed Mylan
Film Editing by: 
David King Compositing by Ed Mylan
Casting by: 
David King & Lorraine Hall
Production Design by: 
David King
Art Direction by: 
David King & Suzie McLeod
Set Decoration by: 
David King & Suzie McLeod
Costume Design by: 
Suzie McLeod
Makeup Department: 
Meredith Boardman
Production Management: 
Carol Berry
Release Date: 
Saturday, May 28, 2016
Total votes: 2156