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Exile is a Jealous State


"An object that offers neither rest nor respite.”

The dispossession of land forces the exile to acknowledge that ‘home’ no longer means one place. However, journeying through New York, the more liberating aspects of mobility become apparent.

Ricocheting between a past and present Palestine, this documentary short explores the collapse of time, space and identity. Drawing on the classic essay ‘Reflections on Exile’ (1984) by
Edward W. Said, Exile is a Jealous State (2016) unites expatriates and refugees who are “cut off from their roots, their land, their past.” In this essay, Said illustrates this disorientating experience, which is also described by Freud as ‘The Uncanny’.

Katy Costello Banks Gregory explores a surprisingly universal disposition; in an eclectic collage, she combines archival material with her own unique footage as she moves through Jordan, the only Arab state to give Palestinian refugees citizenship after the Nakba in 1948.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: katy gregory
Writers: katy gregory
Producers: katy gregory
Key cast:

Total votes: 696

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