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Eternally Child


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Log line:


He was taken from darkness and remained an eternal child

Screenings / Awards: 

Not yet.

Directed by: 
Lorena Sopi
Writing credits: 
b) Author of the original subject: Lorena Sopi c) Script-writer: Lorena Sopi d) Composer: Naim Krasniqi e) Director of photography: Latif Hasolli f) Set designer: Samka Ferri g) Editor: Nexhmi Mehmeti
1. Performer : XHEVAT QORRAJ Character: Xhema 2. Performer: MIRAN ZYMBERAJ Character: Moni 3. Performer: SHEQERIE BUQAJ Character: Hana 4. Performer: KOSOVARE HOTI Character: Mira 5. Performer: BESLIDHJE BYTYQI Character: Eli 6. Performer: JONI MITHI Character: Jaha
Produced by: 
Agim Sopi
Music by: 
Naim Krasniqi
Cinematography by: 
Latif Hasolli
Film Editing by: 
Nexhmi Mehmeti
Casting by: 
Lorena Sopi
Production Design by: 
Beslidhje Bytyqi
Art Direction by: 
Uran Duli
Set Decoration by: 
Besnik Hasolli
Costume Design by: 
Samka Ferri
Makeup Department: 
Fatime Brajshori
Production Management: 
Lorena Sopi Kosovare Hoti
Release Date: 
Friday, January 20, 2017
Total votes: 1293

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