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Eternally Child



Moni, a ten year-old boy, lives with his father Xhema in great poverty. During a fatal meal, his father Xhema accidentally kills his son. All his life he will live cursed, blaming himself for what happened. In his last days, when he is very old, Xhema returns to the house where the tragedy happened to ask forgiveness of his son in order to release his soul and be able to pass away.


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Log line:


He was taken from darkness and remained an eternal child

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Directed by: 
Lorena Sopi
Writing credits: 
b) Author of the original subject: Lorena Sopi c) Script-writer: Lorena Sopi d) Composer: Naim Krasniqi e) Director of photography: Latif Hasolli f) Set designer: Samka Ferri g) Editor: Nexhmi Mehmeti
1. Performer : XHEVAT QORRAJ Character: Xhema 2. Performer: MIRAN ZYMBERAJ Character: Moni 3. Performer: SHEQERIE BUQAJ Character: Hana 4. Performer: KOSOVARE HOTI Character: Mira 5. Performer: BESLIDHJE BYTYQI Character: Eli 6. Performer: JONI MITHI Character: Jaha
Produced by: 
Agim Sopi
Music by: 
Naim Krasniqi
Cinematography by: 
Latif Hasolli
Film Editing by: 
Nexhmi Mehmeti
Casting by: 
Lorena Sopi
Production Design by: 
Beslidhje Bytyqi
Art Direction by: 
Uran Duli
Set Decoration by: 
Besnik Hasolli
Costume Design by: 
Samka Ferri
Makeup Department: 
Fatime Brajshori
Production Management: 
Lorena Sopi Kosovare Hoti
Release Date: 
Friday, January 20, 2017
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