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Elephants in the Coffee


A conflict for survival between Asian elephants, farmers and workers in the coffee estates of southern India has changed attitudes about the living embodiment of Ganesh, the elephant God. With more than 100 people being killed by elephants each year, the elephant is now a "menace" and India farmers are fighting back, killing elephants not for ivory but to protect their livelihood and their lives. This film follows farmers into the coffee estates to see the danger, travels with government teams to capture rogues, and observes the process of caging and forcing dangerous elephants into submission. While many "solutions" have been advanced, most have limited success. Yet a few farmers have a plan for elephant safe coffee, and co-existence of the world's most popular beverage and the world's largest land animal.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Thomas Grant, D.K. Bhaskar
Writers: Thomas Grant
Producers: Thomas Grant, D.K. Bhaskar
Key cast: D.K. Bhaskar, Austin Morris, Shelby Evans, Naveen Cariappa, Karthic Krishnan

Total votes: 883

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