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Being pursued by Roman assassins and becoming separated for three years, Ethiopian Princess, the Mari of Magdala and her child, Sara secretly and perilously journey from Judea to Egypt, over the sea and through Gaul, finally to Glastonbury to build the first Christian Church.

Desposyni is based on the legends of Mary Magdalene and Saint Sara la Kali; the Black Madonnas.

The story begins at a small Grecian fishing village with young Amora, who survives the Roman Conquest by stowing away on her father’s fishing boat. When Romans take the boat, Amora is displaced and escapes in Judea. There, she takes up with the followers of Christ, the Rabboni, who is soon assassinated.

After Rabboni’s ascension, the Mari of Magdala flees to Egypt to keep her pregnancy a secret. Amora travels with her. They take refuge in a Temple Complex where Mari gives birth to Sara and writes her sacred texts. Amora studies and learns mysticism at the Mystery School, and Sara grows to develop healing abilities. All is well for five years, until Rome catches up with them. There is a siege and a massacre at the Temple Complex. Amora carries the bag containing Mari’s scrolls and Rabboni’s Shroud, and flees into the labyrinth with Sara. Amora is wounded. She and Sara barely escape by boat.

Amora has a near-death experience; rising out of her physical body, she meets up with Rabboni and her father on an ethereal realm. She is overjoyed to see them, but they both tell her that she “must go back.”

Their tiny boat floats free on the sea and ends up off the coast of Gaul, where Amora and Sara struggle to be accepted by the locals. But Sara heals their matriarch, and Amora saves an infant. They strive there for three years developing relationships. Amora reads to the people from Mari’s scrolls, and all believe that she is the Mari of Magdala. Sara performs a mass healing and becomes a legend.

One day, the ships of Joseph of Arimathea appear on the horizon. He is called him the Tin Man because he brings tin and other valuables for trade. Mari is on the ship and reunites with Sara. Together, they all sail off for the Isle of Glass to build the first Christian Church.

105 Pages
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Writers: Jean Galliano
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