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The Descendents


Composer, lecturer of composing, Harri Vuori (59) lives in the deep woods by the Lake
Tuusulanjärvi with his artist wife Marja. They are living a simple life; making art, meeting artist
friends and isolating sometimes from the world.
In the beginning at 1900 century the most famous Finnish artists (Jean Sibelius, Venny Soldan-
Brofeldt, Pekka Halonen…) moved to the Lake Tuusulanjärvi area and the artistic community
and spirit was born. That spirit lives still around the Lake Tuusulanjärvi and in its nature.
In this documentary the history is melting together with present time and they are constructing
a continuum. Music by Sibelius and Harri Vuori is mixed and it is making a magical soundtrack
for the movie. Animation is used for describing the past times as well as the stories told by the
artist about 100 years ago.



Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Aino Mättö
Writers: Aino Mättö, Jenni Niemiaho
Producers: Jenni Niemiaho
Key cast: Harri Vuori, Marja Vuori, Hanne Lindström, Jukka Kinanen

Total votes: 504

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