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Der See (The Lake)


This is the story about a young boy who needs to grow up faster than ever in a time of war after the tragic dead of his father.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Scriptwriter, Director and Editor: Javier Correa


Cast: Adriano Paganini, Oskar Durán


  Extras: Francesc Marimon , Angels Juves, David Fernández, Mario Barrigón, Javier Lozano, Raydel Lineas, Laila Paganini.




It was partly filmed in Pinnistal and mainly in Thiersee, a small town with a beautiful lake in Kufstein in the region of Tirol in Austria. 


When I wrote the script I imagined a small lake in the mountains. One day when I was with my friends in Kufstein we changed our plan and we decided to take it a bit further. When I first saw the lake in August 2015, it was as if the lake I imagined had become real. I decided to start filming it at the end of September and we shot some scenes with the soldiers. Soon the snow and the cold weather interrupted our filming and because of the circumstances I waited until Juli-August 2016 to start again with a different crew.


 We had some complications like all low-budget short-films. It was specially difficult to find the right time as we had coinciding schedules. Shooting a movie in Tyrol makes for an interesting but also difficult endeavour since the weather is prone to change rapidly which is why I had to add the rain digitally in some scenes and all this difficulties made this experience all the more rewarding and exciting. 


The actors although young and inexperienced put their heart and soul into their roles and did not complain about having to work while it was raining. Coordinating two boats was really difficult, one of them with an Adriano, an 11 years old boy who gave the best of himself to make perfect so a difficult and cold character and Oskar who was laying under the rain and above the water on the shore more than 3 hours.


It was filmed in 3 days, about 5 hours the first day, 3 hours the second day and almost the whole day the third day. Of course if we had more hours to film it and more time to get together, it would have been easier but this way the short-film challenge us all, but to have achieved this result made us all the more proud. In total it took one month to finish  it without counting the postproduction.





Javier Correa was born in 1986 in Spain, where he worked and studied Marketing. In 2010 he moved to Vienna in Austria. After working in Vienna for 8 months, he felt it was time for another change of scenery so he moved to Innsbruck where continued working and learning german.


 He made his first experimental short-film in 2012, “Open the door”, which is a 5 minutes film that made it into the official selection of the film festival “Rec n Play 2013” in Innsbruck. A year later he took the chance of travelling around Indonesia for 5 months. Inspired by this, he began to study Languages and the culture of Italian and Spanish at the University of Innsbruck.


He filmed his second experimental 10 minutes short-film “A Super Hero” after that trip. Again this movie made it to the official selection in the film festival “Rec n Play 2015” in Innsbruck. 

Now he proudly presents his new 15 minutes short-film “Der See”.


Directed by: 
Javier Correa
Writing credits: 
Adriano Paganini, Oskar Durán, Francesc Marimon, Angels Juves, David Fernández, Mario Barrigón, Javier Lozano, Raydel Lineas, Laila Paganini.
Adriano Paganini, Oskar Durán.
Produced by: 
Javier Correa
Music by: 
Final Cut Pro X
Cinematography by: 
Javier Correa
Film Editing by: 
Javier Correa
Release Date: 
Thursday, September 1, 2016
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