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The Dark Hobby


In Hawaii a group of Native Hawaiians and conservationists struggle politically to protect the exotic fish being looted from the reefs. Turtles, whales and dolphins are all protected, but not the fish. Now many verge on extinction. 28 million fish are in the aquarium trade pipeline at any given time. They undergo bladder piercing, fin cutting and starvation for shipment and reach the mainland dead or dying. They would have lived up to forty years on a reef. Fish species are in crisis worldwide and many are caught with cyanide and dynamite.

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Directors: Paula Fouce Writers: William Haugse, Paula Fouce Producers: Stephen Nemeth, Maria Florio, Paula Fouce, Robert Wintner, Key cast: Kimokeo Kapalehua, Ben Williamson, Teresa Telecky, Gail Grabowsky, Ph. D., Jessica Wooley, Jonathan Balcombe, Ph. D., Kaimi Kaupiko, Willy Kaupiko, Robert Wintner


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Student project: No Completion date: 2019-12-31 Shooting format: Alexa, Canon 4K, Digital Aspect ratio: 16:9 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: No

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