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Dakbaksho- The Letter Box


Telegram services have been shut down for ever. Postal service is waiting for the death knell as well. At this time, one starts dropping letters in a letter box, which has been abandoned for many years. These letters carry no addresses on them. The contents of the letters are suspicious and clearly indicate conspiracy; a sinister one, to murder someone. Mean while, for a reason unknown, perhaps political interference, causes Srija, a renowned documentary filmmaker, detaches herself from her job, while a mysterious photographer makes way into her house. As the dark recesses of the characters are revealed the audience is hurled into a tale of deception, suspense and faced with questions regarding the identity of the girl, the intentions of the photographer and finally how is all this related to a letter box. And a game begins, a mystery unfolds.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Prosenjit Choudhury , Abhijit Choudhury Writers: Prosenjit Choudhury Producers: Supriti Choudhury Key cast: Satrajit Sarkar, Supriti Choudhury

Total votes: 2729

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